Saturday, February 24, 2018
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Bio Flat Economy


BIOPANEL SA produces also FLAT Aluminium Panels/Boards  “BIO.FLAT Economy”. 

Eco friendly, light (5,50kg/m2) and rigid insulation panels for use in many different applications i.e. Door manufacturing, Partitioning, Exhibition stands, Housing, Commercial vehicles carosserie, or for protection from extreme weather conditions as “Storm Panels”.
BIO. FLAT Economy is the least expensive solution but in the same time the most durable, robust & versatile solution in the global market.


Product composition


ACP + XPS core (Extruded polystyrene / Stirodur)  + ACP


It can be also produced with Expanded polystyrene (EPS / Stiropor) on request


Products Features


Very cost efficient compared with other similar products, provides excellent thermal insulation, resistance and thermal conductivity.


BIO.FLAT Economy is very durable, easy to process and install with top corrosion resistance and sound insulation with minimum maintenance requirements.


Tolerances (thickness, length,width, diagonal) according to EN 823, EN 822, EN 824


Standard sizes




  • 20mm (BIO.FLAT Economy 20)
  • 24mm (BIO.FLAT Economy 24)
  • other thicknesses ( 28,32,40,44 etc) can be produced on request                                                        




  • 900 x 2100mm
  • 1000 x 2000mm
  • 1220 x 2500mm (other sizes on request)




  • White RAL 9016
  • Brown RAL 8014
  • Brown 8017
  • Silver (like anodizing)


Other colors on request